1,700 sqm office above the Viennese clouds


One of the largest German-speaking campaigning agencies has relocated its offices to the glamorous ICON Tower, a modern office tower Vienna's new central station district. The starting point was an empty floor with no walls and no floors. We were commissioned to create an extraordinary place that delights, inspires and invites employees and customers to stay.


Contemporary layouts and rounded walls create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Instead of the white standard walls, the open-plan offices and corridors were wrapped in special oak-look wallpaper, while the meeting rooms and individual offices were designed in different themes. For example, there is a Gentlemen's Room, a Garden Room, a 5th Avenue Dining Room, a Creative Room and many more. The jungle is a very special lounge and work zone, where employees develop ideas and work while looking over the city on a spacious, curved velvet sofa and swivel armchairs. The office is entered via a reception and bar area in the style of the New York 30s. Over 750 handmade flowers turn the office into a green garden.

Photos © Matthias Kronfuss