Sophisticated Town House


In this spacious town house, a 70 sqm living room was to be redesigned in order to integrate the terrace as well as the TV and the library into everyday life. The room should also be a suitable hub for cocktail parties and elegant dinners. As part of this make-over, the office should also be redesigned.


The design and construction of a 15sqm sofa pointing in 3 directions divided the living room into a cozy lounge area, a fireplace area and a TV area. In addition, a separation was created by recessed vases illuminated from below. The library was made with a special concrete spatula technique and is combined with natural solid brass. The office space was designed in a way that the bright wallpaper is only visible when entering the room, but not distract the calm views into the green garden when working at the desk.

Photos © Matthias Kronfuss